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Frankie Rodriquez January 27, 2017, 8:40 AM

I wanted to ask how you do multi colors in alumilite. I am new to resins and wanted to try it but am concerned if I add a non stick spray to the mold I have for my first pour will I have trouble attaching another color to the blank. Someone told me i could use a silicone mold and not have to worry about spray for my first pour then when I demold it and add my second color to what I already poured they would stick .
Any advice.


Zac Higgins January 28, 2017, 12:19 AM

Hey Frankie, I would probably stay away from mold release if possible and use HDPE or silicone for the mold so it doesn’t stick. The biggest problem with multilayer pours is the surface of the first pour being super smooth. Resins won’t stick to a perfectly smooth surface. I’d recommend scuffing it with 80 grit before pouring the second layer to make sure that you get good adhesion. It’s also best to pour the second one within 24 hours of the first because the resin is still in the curing stage. I have a video that covers multilayered pours on my website also: http://nvwoodwerks.com/casting-multiple-layers-with-alumilite-casting-resin-for-a-sign/ I did us a melamine mold in that video, but I’d just go with a totally non-stick mold if you can. If you have to use melamine, caulk the corners of the mold to make sure the resin doesn’t seep down through any gaps and get stuck to the exposed particle board core in the joints.

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