2016 Christmas Ornament Challenge

This year I went with a snowman design on a custom Alumilite blank I made with red, white, and green color swirl resin plus pine cones! I had a blast turning this one up and made a few extras while I was at it.

Overall, I liked how simple the kit is to use, but you can forego the kit if you don’t want to have metal finials. I was also really happy with how easy it was to use the skew chisel as a scraper. Definitely a great method for shaping fine details.

Make sure to get entered into the challenge over at Allan’s website, and be sure to subscribe to Alan’s and Carl’s YouTube channels too. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the 2016 Ornament Challenge playlist to see all the entries.

I picked up the ornament kit from Exotic Blanks, and it was a joy to turn and assemble. As I mentioned in the video, you can just turn an ornament without having to use a kit as well. I probably would have skipped the kit, but I wanted to see how they worked. They look pretty good with the metal finials though. The brass tube will add some rigidity to the blank while turning, and having the tube inside will also make mounting the blank a tad bit easier.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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