Zac Higgins

Designer/Craftsman and head honcho at NV Woodwerks - Your source for custom furniture in Northern Nevada.

Colored Pencil Hollow Form

I cast some colored pencils in black resin and turned a hollow form out of it with the new Easy Wood Tools mini hollowers

Dragon Egg Stand

Upgraded the stand for the mini dragon egg I made. This new stand fits the egg perfect, and it matches so well too!

The Gator Jaw Pen

Finally tried out casting some alligator jaw bone to make some pen banks with on the live stream. I couldn’t be happier with how the pen turned out. If you’d like to try casting some gator jaw blanks, you can order it from Turners

Hybrid Colorshift Mini Dragon Egg

These hybrid dragon eggs are super fun to make! In this video I turned up a stopper blank to make a mini version of a colorshift hybrid blank I made.

Choosing Pressure Pots

Which pressure pot should you use for resin casting? In this video, I cover what features to compare when choosing

Scott Grove Hair Ice Pick

Definitely one of the weirdest materials I’ve dunked yet… Scott Groves hair! Overall the project turned out fairly decent, and it was pretty fun making an ice pick out of it

25K Giveaway Winner

Finally, the wait is over! Time to announce the winner of the 25K Giveaway.

25K Subscriber Giveaway Kickoff

To celebrate hitting 25K subscribers on YouTube, I made a project video and we’re having a giveaway! Enter at the bottom of this post.

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