Zac Higgins

Designer/Craftsman and head honcho at NV Woodwerks - Your source for custom resin cast turning blanks and resin casting content

25K Subscriber Giveaway Kickoff

To celebrate hitting 25K subscribers on YouTube, I made a project video and we’re having a giveaway! Enter at the bottom of this post.

Mammoth Ivory Bud Vase

Finally got a chance to dunk some mammoth ivory and made a bud vase with the blank. See how the blank was made and turned in this video

Cosmos Resin Platter

Turning the “Cosmos” Alumilite resin and aluminum honeycomb platter

Resin Casting With Glitter

Decided to pick up some glitter and experiment with it in resin, and I was really surprised at how awesome it turned out!

BB-8 Sphere Casting

Finally made a sphere blank! Had to add something fun to it, so I cast a BB-8 on top of the burl cap too! Really cool project, and the biggest blank to date!

Dye Stabilized Antler Blanks

Dunked some dye stabilized deer antler in resin and made a bolt action pen. Overall, it was a pretty fun project!

Purple bud vase made with pasta embedded resin cast turning blank

Crazy Pasta Bud Vase

First bud vase I’ve turned, and it was a really fun project… especially when it’s a crazy pasta blank!

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