Zac Higgins

Designer/Craftsman and head honcho at NV Woodwerks - Your source for custom resin cast turning blanks and resin casting content

Colored pencils suspended in Alumilite resin and turned on the lathe into a cup

Turning the Colored Pencil Jar

Colored pencils suspended in Alumilite! This project was a blast to make, and it’s a pretty simple project to turn. Watch for the epic fail while I was parting off the piece =D

Picture of a piece of firehose and a pen made out of firehose micarta

Firehose Micarta Pen

First attempt at making a micarta turning blank, and I used firehose as the material! I made a Sierra style pen out of the blank, and the experiment was a success!

Snowflake Ornament Update

I tried making another 3D printed snowflake ornament, and this time I used 5 minute epoxy rather than CA glue to seal the wood off. Huge difference!

2017 Holiday Giveaway

The 2017 Holiday Giveaway is on! Make sure to get entered before December 15 for your chance to win one of 10 awesome prizes from TurnTex Woodworks, Turners Warehouse, Tommy G Tools, and NV Woodwerks.

Resin Casting in Cold Temperatures

With winter knocking on the door, the temperature in the shop is dropping. In this video, I cover some of the problems that can occur when resin casting in cooler temperatures as well as some recommendations for minimum temperatures to work in.

Burl Wood & Aluminum Honeycomb Pen Blanks

In this episode of Dunkin Junk, we cast some double dye stabilized buckeye burl and aluminum honeycomb, and the resulting pen blanks were outstanding!

Tips and Tricks for Turning Mixed Material Blanks

Mixed material blanks can be challenging, however there are a few steps you can take when preparing and turning the blanks to help minimize any problems that may arise. In this video, I walk you through my methods of preparing and turning mixed material blanks.

Combining 3D Printing and Resin Casting

The possibilities are endless when you combine the precision of 3D printing and resin casting! Check out how I merged the two to create a pinstripe pen blank.

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