Banskia Pod and Alumilite Razor Handle – Dunkin Junk Replay

Big thank you to Brad for sending in a full size banksia pod to play with on Dunkin Junk! This was the first time I tried casting banksia pods, and I’m hooked! The blue resin was a great match to the brown tones of the banksia pod, and the holes in the banksia really popped with the transparent resin.

These razor handles are very simple to make, it’s just a matter of shaping the blank and drilling out a hole. I tapped it with a 1/4-20 tap to match the threads on the razor blade neck, but you could even get by with an oversize hole and glue the stem into the blank. The razor heads are available at most pen turning supply stores online, I believe I purchased mine from The Golden Nib.

The banksia pod was not stabilized, and it turned very well without any chipping. The setup is fairly simple, but it does require a scroll chuck to hold the blank. Make sure to provide proper support with the tail stock when turning a blank like this, or you could run into problems with chatter or even worse having the blank break.

This was a Dunkin’ Junk! Live stream replay. I do the resin casting and turning on my livestream on Twitch Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2PM Pacific time. It’s definitely the best resource for resin casting information on the web. Head over to my Twitch Channel and click the follow button to be notified when I go Live. I do resin casting on Wednesday and turn the blanks from the previous week on Saturday.

For a list of tools, equipment, and materials I use, check out my resources page on my website. I’ve listed links to most of the products I use. I’ve gotten most of the major turning and resin casting tools and supplies up already, and I’m always adding more to the list.

5 thoughts on “Banskia Pod and Alumilite Razor Handle – Dunkin Junk Replay”

  1. Ok, couple questions – nice smock, why where one only when casting and not while turning? And where did you get it, looks like a nice alternate solution to a heavy apron.
    Question #2, looked like you taped a cover on your mold – why?

  2. Correction on my last –
    Question #1 why were you only wearing the smock during casting and not turning? Question #2: Where did you get the smock from, looks like a nice lighter alternative to a heavy apron. Question #3: It looked like you taped a cover onto your mold – why?

    1. Hey Dave, that is actually a lab coat that my wife bought me for Christmas. It’s just something kind of silly that we came up with to wear while I’m doing the resin casting on my Dunkin Junk live streams. I like to think of the experiments with resin my “casting lab” time LOL I wouldn’t wear that while turning because the sleeves are long and get caught on everything. I might get a smock for doing things like bowls and such that are heavy chip throwers, but for pens and smaller things I’d rather not wear anything extra.

      I put the lid on that casting because I was worried the banksia pod chunks might float up a bit since I didn’t stabilize them. That’s the worst when you pull it out of the pot and the embeds are halfway out of the resin

      1. I would have thought the lid would interfere with the gas removal – would not piece of screen (coated with release spray) have been better?

      2. No, the pressure doesn’t really remove the air bubbles, it just compresses them to a tiny size so it doesn’t affect the casting. You could use a screen or wax paper as an alternative though too.

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