Burl Wood & Aluminum Honeycomb Pen Blanks

This week, I decided to try casting multiple materials on the live stream to make some “Super Hybrid” pen blanks. I used double dye stabilized buckeye burl and the last of the aluminum honeycomb that was sent in by 8th Dimension Concepts, and I was really pleased with how cool the blanks turned out!

For the pen, I chose a Jr. Abraham rollerball pen kit, and it paired up really well with the blank. I also used some black chameleon tubes to ensure that the brass tube wouldn’t show through the blank.

Overall, the blank turned very well. I did soak the aluminum honeycomb in acetone before casting it, which I think is a good step to take to help ensure the bond is good between the metal and resin.

This project was cast and turned live on my Twitch channel. If you’d like to see these experiments done live, come join the fun on Wednesday and Saturday. The live stream starts at 2PM both days. I do the resin casting portion on Wednesday, and I turn blanks we made the week before on Saturday. I also auction off the extra blanks that I make during the livestream, it’s the only place I sell those blanks.

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