Cake Pan Mold for Resin Casting

While I was at the SWAT woodturning symposium this year, I was asked whether or not a springform style cake pan mold would work for resin casting a turning blank in. I wasn’t sure so I decided to give it a shot, and I was surprised by the result!

In addition to the metal cake pan, I also ran across a silicone springform style mold, and I tried that out too. I love experiments!!

I picked the molds up on Amazon, I’ve included my affiliate links to the molds I used as well as a couple others I found that might be worth investigating (click picture below.) Make sure you watch the video before diving into a metal one though.

The 9″ Silicone mold I used in this video:

Set of two 5″ Silicone molds similar to the one I used in this video:

Teflon coated set of metal cake molds:

The metal mold I used in this video:

Don’t forget to check out my “Tools I Use” page for links to where I get my resin, casting supplies, and tools:

I’m really looking forward to seeing how that aluminum shavings blank turns out! Question is what to make with it… Hmmmm?

2 thoughts on “Cake Pan Mold for Resin Casting”

  1. Hi. My workbench has an aluminum frame surround, and I spilled Alumilite on it withpot noticing. One it cured, the only way to get it off was with a torch – couldn’t even scrape it off cold, so alumilite definitely sticks to aluminum! :)_

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