Can I Use Vacuum Instead of A Pressure Pot to Cast Resins With?

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I’ve gotten lots of viewer questions lately asking if you can use a vacuum chamber instead of a pressure pot to cast resins with, and frankly I didn’t have a very good answer! So, I called up Alumilite to get an informed answer and thought I’d share my findings.

Big thank you to Carol at Alumilite for taking the time to help me out!

6 thoughts on “Can I Use Vacuum Instead of A Pressure Pot to Cast Resins With?”

  1. Zac, great vid on vacuum vs pressure, my question would be do they make a pot that can be used for vacuum or pressure? I suspect if you try to use a pressure pot for vacuum that the pot might cave in…? Not sure, but I’m one of those guys that wants to do both, and haven’t purchased equipment yet to do either. Any suggestions on best equipment would be appreciated

    1. Hey Mel, great to hear you’ll be getting started casting and stabilizing soon!! It is possible to use a pressure pot for both, Best Value Vacs has conversion lids that you just use on top of the pot base. No need to worry about the vacuum hurting the pot, it won’t collapse it. I still recommend using the TurnTex vacuum chambers for stabilizing wood if you can afford to get both though. They have better visibility, they’re much easier to load and unload, and you will be able to do both activities at the same time. For pressure pots, I’d highly recommend going with a CA Technologies pot. They are safer, stronger, easier to use, and will last longer than the cheap ones.

  2. Thanx Zac, one other question, what’s the difference between the $300 pot you got and this one – California Air Tools 365B 5-Gallon Pressure Pot

    Aren’t both equally capable?

    1. I’ve never seen or used those pots before, so I couldn’t tell you what the difference is. One of the reviews on Amazon states that the owner had issues, called the manufacturer, and they stated it should only be used up to around 35 psi. I’d contact the company if I were you, tell them what you plan to use it for and what psi you plan to regularly go to with it. If they say it’s good to go, then it might be worth buying. I just don’t like playing around when it comes to safety with pressure pots. The only ones that I’ve used that I trust are CA Technologies, so it’s really the only one I’d recommend people use.

      1. Don’t feel bad, it’s crazy how similar those two company names are with both selling pressure pots. Lots of people think they are the same brand

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