Casting Alumilite Resin in PVC Molds

Show Notes:

PVC pipe is a cheap and super simple way to cast Alumilite. In this video, I cover some of the basics on how to use PVC and what you need to know when casting Alumilite in PVC.

Silicone plugs work very well and are much quicker than tape. It’s an added expense, but I feel it’s totally worth the investment. They’re reusable, and take 2 seconds to put in and take out. Here’s a source I found on eBay for them:

5 thoughts on “Casting Alumilite Resin in PVC Molds”

  1. Ramon Richardson

    Hello Zac why don’t you use pvc caps I use them but I allso took the pvc pipe and saned the end where the cap go’s so it not so tight and stone it.I have been following for about a year now on utube I allso live in NV but in Pahrump but thanks for all the videos.

    1. Hey Ramon, great to hear from a fellow Nevadan! Silicone plugs are what I usually use and they’ve worked great for me, so I never really needed to try anything else. I’m sure I’ll try the caps out some day though

  2. Zac,

    I used a pvc pipe for a casting I was doing, but I used a rubber glove that was used already, and just cut the back of the glove off just before the thumb, and then cut it to size needed for the pvc pipe. Then taped that down with blue tape, had no leakage, because the rubber made a perfect seal, and then I threw it away when the cast was complete. I was going to throw the glove away anyways that I used. Just a thought.

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