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Casting Clear Alumilite Resin For Turning Blanks

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Show Notes:

Next video in the casting series, I show how I cast Alumilite clear, and give an example using the fluorescent red and yellow dyes in a clear base.

I also discuss how I reverse paint the inside of the blanks to not only cover the brass tubes and glue, but it also gives a really cool color effect with the clear resin!

I buy the Model Masters Acryl paint from my local hobby store, but I found it online at WalMart here: http://goo.gl/ettMoT

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  • Doug June 1, 2016, 11:30 AM

    Quick question, how do you keep the paint from being scraped off by either the inserted tube (if the blank is painted), or the blank (if the tube is painted). Do you widen the hole at all?

    Thanks for the great videos!

    • Zac Higgins June 1, 2016, 11:50 AM

      Hey Doug, glad you’re enjoying the videos 😀 In most cases there’s no need to widen the whole, might be a little bit tight, but it will fit. If you have to do many coats of paint inside though, you might need to widen the hole a bit. You could either try to find a slightly larger drill bit or sand it out a bit before painting.

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