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Casting Dyed Alumilite White Pen Blanks

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Show Notes:

This is the first video totally dedicated to pouring resin pen blanks.  I use Alumilite, so I wanted to show my process for pouring pen blanks in a mold. I also show what to expect when using Alumilite White and adding dyes.

In this pour, I used violet dye and added it in swirls to the plain white Alumilite.  In future videos, I’ll be covering Alumilite Clear casting, plus mixing other materials like wood and plastic into your casting.

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  • Ralph Davis March 9, 2017, 8:28 AM

    Hey Zac, i appreciate all of your work creating the videos. i am seriously considering starting to start casting my own blanks. i am concerned that in the beginning i will not be very efficient at mixing and getting resin in the pot in a timely manner. is there a slower curing alumilite resin that i could start with until i become more efficient? also, do you have a drawing of the carrier that you use in the pressure pot? i would like to make something similar. thanks.

    • Zac Higgins March 9, 2017, 10:22 AM

      Hey Ralph, The Alumilite White resin does set up pretty fast at 2 minutes, so I would recommend going with Alumilite Clear. They have two different working times for that product, 5 minutes or “Slow Set” at 12 minutes. I have links to the specific resins I use on my website I don’t have any drawings of that carrier myself, but I got the design from the TurnTex website. I actually don’t use that carrier for most casting.

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