Casting Resins I Use for Turning Blanks

I get quite a few questions from people just starting out with resin casting about which Alumilite resin to use for turning blanks. There are quite a few choices on the Alumilite website, and it gets confusing since many of the products sound the same. This video covers the two resins that I use which I believe are the best choices for turning blanks, and the good news is they work great for just about any other type of casting as well.

In the video I also point out that I have a resources page on my website with most of the tools and materials I use. All of the important resin casting equipment, supplies and materials are up already along with many of the other tools I use just in case anyone is looking for specific things that I have used in videos. I’m constantly updating the list, but feel free to ask if you don’t see something I use and want to know what it is or where I got it.

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