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Casting 101

I\’ve created this section of my website to be dedicated to the basics of resin casting. In the future, I plan to redo the 101 series to make the steps more comprehensive and just to increase the quality overall. I will also be adding \”advanced\” courses that will be focused on specific casting techniques and/or projects. My goal is to offer the most comprehensive casting tutorials out there!

Setting Up a Harbor Freight Pressure Pot For Casting

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Just bought a second pressure pot for casting blanks, and I thought I'd do a little walk through on how I set it up. In this video I show what I remove and the plumbing fittings needed to get it ready for casting resin. I usually cast Alumilite products, but it can be used for polyester resin and epoxy as well.

Casting Clear Alumilite Resin For Turning Blanks

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Next video in the casting series, I show how I cast Alumilite clear, and give an example using the fluorescent red and yellow dyes in a clear base. I also discuss how I reverse paint the inside of the blanks to not only cover the brass tubes and glue, but it also gives a really cool color effect with the clear resin!

Choosing Casting Resins

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The first step in casting your own "acrylic" pen blanks is choosing what type of resin to use. In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of the three typical resins used for DIY pen blank casting and why I choose to use Alumilite.