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Mesh Blank Bottle Opener

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https://youtu.be/aMf4w6_6H0k I made a bottle stopper using a cool mesh material cast in resin. Link to mesh product on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2oRGhsD -Green/silver mesh blank: https://nvwoodwerks.com/product/lime-green-and-silver-matrix-mesh-turning-blank -Purple/green mesh blank: https://nvwoodwerks.com/product/lime-green-and-purplematrix-mesh-turning-blank -Spidey Matrix mesh pen blanks: https://nvwoodwerks.com/product/spidey-matrix-pen-blanks/ -Toxic Lime Matrix mesh pen blanks: https://nvwoodwerks.com/product/toxic-lime-matrix-pen-blanks/ -10 Color Matrix mesh pen blanks: https://nvwoodwerks.com/product/10-color-matrix-pen-blanks Affiliate link to Easy Chuck: https://amzn.to/2LPAahr [...]

The Gator Jaw Pen

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https://youtu.be/n_drri07B8Y Finally tried out casting some alligator jaw bone to make some pen banks with on the live stream. I couldn't be happier with how the pen turned out. If you'd like to try casting some gator jaw blanks, you can order it from Turners Warehouse: https://www.turnerswarehouse.com/products/alligator-jaw   The extra gator jaw blanks I made during [...]

25K Giveaway Winner

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https://youtu.be/-OyoaXBQtWM   Finally, the wait is over! Time to announce the winner of the 25K Giveaway. In this video I also added some stickers to the pressure pots that I've collected from other folks, and I mentioned some upcoming planning I'll be doing for 2019. Check out my Short Runs section where you will find [...]