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Nebulous Aurora Effects for Resin Casting

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https://youtu.be/5W-l6_x8hXo Getting nebulous/aurora effects in resin is easy! Only two ingredients plus some resin, and you can make some pretty cool spacey effects with resin. In this video I show you how I create this effect and share some blanks and a pen I've made with this method. Click the links below to order colorshift [...]

Turning the BB-8 Hybrid Burl & Resin Sphere

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https://youtu.be/sbt6pqtG9rc Finally got the BB-8 Sphere blank turned up, and I'm stoked about how it turned out! First time turning a sphere, and I'm hooked! It was more difficult than I anticipated getting the shape down, but I just kept at it and overall I think it turned out pretty good! I was very happy [...]

BB-8 Sphere Casting

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Finally made a sphere blank! Had to add something fun to it, so I cast a BB-8 on top of the burl cap too! Really cool project, and the biggest blank to date!

AAW Symposium 2018

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Have you heard? The AAW Woodturning Symposium is happening next week in Portland Oregon! Check out the videos below for more information about the events, you won't want to miss them! Also, below the videos you will find information on everyone's demonstrations. https://youtu.be/SBIlfoJWUrI https://youtu.be/dITcgevREjo