Resin Cast Memory Frames | Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2017

This year’s Woodworkers Fighting Cancer project is resin cast memory frames, a fun project to make and it’s for a good cause. Plus we are going to auction them off and send the proceeds to the Las Vegas Victim’s Fund.

The Tree Bark Bottle Opener

Turned up my first bottle opener using a crepe myrtle and Alumilite resin! This was a fun project, and super quick and easy to make too.

Resin Cast Pinecone and Walnut Lamp

For this project, I made a lamp out of a walnut bowl blank and an Alumilite resin cast pinecone blank. Super fun project and pretty easy to make too!

SWAT Symposium 2017 Announcement

Headed to SWAT symposium 2017 August 25-27 in Waco Texas! This is going to be a blast, and I hope to see you there!!

duck feathers cast in alumilite resin to make a duck call out of

Duck Feathers Duck Call

Had to try casting duck feathers in Alumilite, and surprisingly it worked pretty well!

Shop Tour 2017

Finally got an updated shop tour video up with the newest setup! In this video I cover how I have my shop set up and all the workstations, tools, and setups I have in my shop currently. Before reorganizing last time, I realized that my shop wasn’t set up efficiently for the two main things …

Shop Tour 2017 Read More »

Nebula Pen Blanks

To celebrate the launch of the new Nebula pen blanks, I decided to turn a fancy pen and shoot a video of it. The Nebula blanks are a mix of red, blue, and purple pearls that shimmer and shine like crazy! Made with Alumilite resin, they are a dream to cut and drill, and they turn like buttah!!

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