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Cutting Alumilite Blanks on the Table Saw

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https://youtu.be/NoWoSVl2hzU I get asked quite often what my setup is for cutting Alumilite blanks, so I figured it was high time to put a video up showing my methods and tools used. The great news is it doesn't require any specialty tools or wild setups, just standard woodworking equipment. I do prefer using the Tenryu [...]

Shop Tour 2017

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https://youtu.be/UaNhnym0J7Q Finally got an updated shop tour video up with the newest setup! In this video I cover how I have my shop set up and all the workstations, tools, and setups I have in my shop currently. Before reorganizing last time, I realized that my shop wasn't set up efficiently for the two main [...]

Nebula Pen Blanks

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To celebrate the launch of the new Nebula pen blanks, I decided to turn a fancy pen and shoot a video of it. The Nebula blanks are a mix of red, blue, and purple pearls that shimmer and shine like crazy! Made with Alumilite resin, they are a dream to cut and drill, and they turn like buttah!!

Colored Pencil Bowl

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Not your average colored pencil bowl! I decided to cast the pencils and keep the outside colors intact. In the video I go through how I cast the blank as well as turning it up.

10K Giveaway Kickoff

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Just hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube so it's time for a Giveaway!! 6 prizes up for grabs plus a discount code for Alumilite as well as Turner's Warehouse! Everyone wins =D