Choosing Pressure Pots

Choosing a pressure pot can be overwhelming for beginner resin casters. There are quite a few different choices out there with varying price points, so how do you choose? In this video, my goal is to discuss what to look for and compare when choosing.

Overall, the cheapest pot I know of is the 2.5 gallon Harbor Freight. it’s around $100 plus some plumbing parts. I prefer to use the C.A. Technologies pots myself. The 2.5 gallon is around $300 plus plumbing parts. The only ASME certified pot I know of is the Binks, which comes in around $600.

Make sure to check out my pressure pots playlist for tips on setting up pressure pots as well as finding and fixing leaks in them:

If you plan to buy a C.A. Technologies brand pot, I recommend using the link I have on my “tools I use” page on my website. It will take you to the model specifically for resin casting that has the unnecessary plumbing parts removed already:

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