Colored Pencil Bowl

FInally got some colored pencils cast in Alumilite and turned into a bowl! I wanted to do something a little different for this one, and I wanted to keep all the pencils intact if possible.

I used Alumilite Clear Slow Set for the blank, and kept it dead clear. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the blank and bowl turned out. For a list of materials and tools I use, check out my resources page: 

Thanks to Heath Knuckles for the idea to try out the negative rake scraper! Make sure to check out Heath’s channel for some awesome hybrid blank turnings:

I also want to thank Nick Zametti for all the inspiration! Nick is the colored pencil resin casting master, make sure to check out his channel:

4 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Bowl”

  1. How did you keep pencils off outside of your mold so there was a layer of resin around the outside of the bowl before the pencils?

  2. Terry & Debra Richardson

    Hi zak what was that you used on the inside of the bowl it looks like another white bowl I couldn’t quite get that I haven’t used taps and dyes.

    1. That’s what it was, just another plastic bowl to help hold the pencils in place. I chose to drill and tap threads to use a bottle stopper mandrel to mount it on the lathe, but you could just use a worm screw on a chuck instead as long as you drill the right size hole. I didn’t have much experience with worm screw mounting when this video was made, but since then I’ve found the worm screw works just fine. I’d still recommend using a forstner bit to create a flat area in the center of the bowl around the hole so the bowl sits flush against your chuck jaws

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