Colored Pencil Hollow Form

I cast some colored pencils in black dyed epoxy resin and made a hollow form out of it. The Easy Wood Tools mini hollowers were really fun to use and did the job nicely. If you want to pick up a set of them, they are available where EWT products are sold, and on Amazon: (affiliate link). I also picked up the colored pencils on Amazon as well, here’s a link to them as well:

The wood base is made from a scrap piece of maple I had in the shop. It’s a great match for the look of the wood in the pencils. I also tried out a different method of applying a finish to the blank. I decided to just mix up some Liquid Diamonds epoxy resin and apply it directly to the piece as a top coat finish. It was super simple and turned out pretty good, and I’ll definitely be trying this finishing method out on some future pieces.

If you’d like to turn a blank similar to the one in this video, I made an extra just in case…

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