Combining 3D Printing and Resin Casting

I’m really excited to share the newest evolution of pen blanks that combine resin casting with 3D printing! A couple years ago, I wanted to make a New York Yankees inspired pen blank, and all I could think of was pinstripes. I got the idea to use 3D printing for the stripes cast in resin while watching Punished Props 3D printing series on YouTube.

Once I owned my own 3D printer and got my model made of the pinstripes, I dove into testing out how the materials worked with resin and turned on the lathe. Overall, the results have been awesome! Embedding 3D printed objects in resin opens up a whole new world of possibilities in turning blanks, jewelry making, prop making, and just about anything else you can think of. I hope this idea inspires others to give it a shot and come up with some killer castings!

The Yankee Pinstripes are available, click below to add to your shopping cart:

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