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Cutting Alumilite Blanks on the Table Saw

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I get asked quite often what my setup is for cutting Alumilite blanks, so I figured it was high time to put a video up showing my methods and tools used. The great news is it doesn’t require any specialty tools or wild setups, just standard woodworking equipment.

I do prefer using the Tenryu Gold Medal blades, they really hold up well and cut nicely. Plus, they’re actually cheaper than the Woodworker II Forrest blades I used previously. Here’s a link to the blades I get if anyone would like to try the out: http://amzn.to/2tZABgI

The push block really grabs ahold of the resin with 120 grit sand paper too, and they are super easy to make usting only a 2×6. I cut the indentation out on the table saw, and the shape is cut out using the bandsaw. The sandpaper is standard sticky backed sandpaper cut to length, and width to fit.

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