December 2016 Giveaway

The end of the year Giveaway is jam packed with awesome prizes! We have over $400 in prizes this time, and there will be 10 winners! View below to see the full list of prizes that are up for grabs. Click Here To Go To The Giveaway Entry Form.

Please help support all the donors by subscribing to their YouTube channels, following them on social media, and checking out their websites. Give them a shout out and thank them for being so awesome! Now for the prizes…

Alumilite Clear Resin Packages & 15% Discount Code!!

Alumilite Clear Casting Resin
Alumilite has been extremely generous, and they’ve donated (4) 32 oz. resin kit packages for the Giveaway. There are (2) “Slow Set” Clear resin packages and 2 of the Regular set Clear resin packages. Winners will be notified by email, and I will send out the resin kits to the winners.

The “Slow Set” has all the same characteristics of regular Alumilite Clear with double the open time!

Hold your hats!! Alumilite has also provided me with a discount code good for 15% off your purchases when you order between December 1 and 14th. This is the time to stock up on your Alumilite supplies!! Plus, the flat rate shipping applies as well.

Use discount code NVW15OFF to save 15% off your orders placed between December 1, 2016 and December 14, 2016.

$25 & $50 Gift Certificates to Turner’s Warehouse

The Turner’s Warehouse is the home for great turning supplies, custom pen blanks, and kits. They have a great selection of products, and the service is amazing. Up for grabs in the Giveaway are two gift cards, one for $25 and the other for $50. Winners will receive the gift card code through email.

Turner’s Warehouse is owned and operated by Chad Schimmel. He’s one of the best pen makers I know, and he shares his knowledge of pen making and blank making on his YouTube channel as well. I’ve learned a ton from Chad, so make sure you’re subscribed to his channel.

NV Woodwerks $50 Gift Certificates

NVWW-Gift CardsI’ve got (4) $50 Gift Cards up for grabs that can be redeemed in my pen blank store. I’ve got over 80 different styles of pen blanks all hand made using Alumilite resin. From color swirl to Thin Blue Lines and pine cone embedded blanks, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better selection of resin cast blanks anywhere. Winners will be sent the gift card code through email.

December 2016 Giveaway

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  1. Always fun and informative. Thanks Zac!

    I’m confused about Twitch. Can I watch an episode after it’s been videoed? How?

    1. Thanks Jim! You can watch replays of previous broadcasts for about a week after an episode was broadcast. I’m also trying to edit them down and get a shortened version up on YouTube after the fact too

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