Drying Wood for Stabilizing or Casting In Resin

Whether you are stabilizing or even casting in resin to make hybrid blanks, the wood must be at or near 0% moisture content. I’m not talking about ambient equilibrium moisture content, you’re truly shooting for 0%. This process is easily accomplished by baking the wood, the only difficult part is knowing when the moisture content is at or near 0%.

The most accurate way to do this is by weighing the wood pieces one by one prior to putting them in the oven, then you want to check the weight regularly. once the wood has stopped losing weight (which means it’s dropping water content), it’s done!

I just use a scale set to grams that I picked up from Amazon (see below for a link to the scale I use in my shop. You will also want an oven thermometer so you can get the temperature dialed in properly. Never trust the dial on any oven to be accurate. I record the weights, date, and time that I weighed the pieces.

The only other thing you need is an oven which you can pick up at your local thrift store, Target or Wal Mart, or from Amazon. The main thing you are looking for is an oven that has a setting that leaves it on. Some brands only have timer switches, and you’ll end up having to keep turning it back on after the timer goes off. It’s too easy to forget to turn it back on. The other thing you’ll want to keep in mind when purchasing a toaster oven is the size of it. Make sure to get one that will hold the wood pieces you plan to bake.

Tools and Supplies

Thank you for using my links to shop on Amazon! It’s an easy way to support the show and get some shopping done too!

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