Duck Feathers Duck Call

Duck feathers Dunked in Alumilite? Heck yeah!! I figured that the most logical thing to make out of a duck feather Alumilite blank is a duck call!! I was warned that the feather quills would not stick in the resin, but we managed to walk away without any cracked or blown up blanks.

This was a really fun project to work on, and I’m so excited that the blank turned nicely. There is a lot of potential for interesting turning blank ideas using feathers cast in the resin, and seeing it work gets the gears a spinning! I hope you enjoy this video, I sure had a blast putting it together =D

If you’d like to see the Dunkin Junk experiments done live, head over to my Twitch channel:

Check out OJ’s video making a duck call with the lime green pearl duck feather blank he won during the auction on my live stream…

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