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Dye Stabilized Antler Blanks

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Finally cast some deer antler in resin, and it was a pretty fun project! I dye stabilized the antler with dyed Cactus Juice first, then dunked some cut up chunks in Alumilite Clear Slow Set. I used Casters Choice mica powders for the colors along with a tiny bit of Alumilite dye. Overall, the blank turned well and turned out pretty sweet!

I didn’t apply a finish to the blank, just polished and buffed it. I was happily surprised at how glossy the antler turned out with only buffing. To get a uniform sheen and the highest gloss, I would recommend applying a CA finish on top; however, I don’t think that a finish is really necessary.

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One word of caution, be careful when working with antler!! First off it smells horrible… but you want to make sure to wear a filtered mask when working with it because the dust from it can cause health issues. Make sure to learn more about it and protect yourself.

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