Dye Stabilized Shop Towel Blanks

Who would have guessed shop towels with dyed Cactus Juice baked in would make some great turning blanks! In this video I go through the steps making the blanks and turning one of them into a bottle stopper. The blanks were super easy to make, turned like butter, and turned out awesome!

Every time I dye stabilize wood or other materials, I use shop towels to clean up any excess Cactus Juice before baking the the blanks. Thanks to some Dunkin Junkies on Facebook and Instagram, the idea to try dunking the towels in resin was born. All that was necessary to prepare the shop towels for casting was to cure the stabilizing resin into the paper. So technically, the shop towels were stabilized. Then it was just a matter of tossing them in resin.

If you’d like to learn more about the dye stabilizing process, check out my video on how I do it: https://nvwoodwerks.com/my-double-dye-stabilizing-process/

I decided the shop towels would provide plenty of color to the blanks, so I just cast them in clear resin rather than add more colors to the resin. The sky’s the limit with the dyed shop towel blanks. You could make any type of blank such as bowl blanks, knife scales, pens… basically anything! Think I’m going to have to make something larger down the road.

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