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    1. Hey Tom, you can use any finish you like really. I typically go one of three ways for larger pieces: I either polish it up with buffing (no top coat), hit it with spray lacquer, or a new (to me) product I’ve been getting decent results with so far is called Craft Coat (it’s basically just a water borne urethane). I don’t really know of anything that won’t work off the top of my head, you should be able to use any product you like

  1. Hello Zac,

    Your videos are such a huge resource for me, I really appreciate your dedication to making them! I have a quick question and don’t have anyone to ask. I asked alumilite but didn’t get an answer I’m confident in. How do you glue items to be cast in resin? I’ve done several different pen blanks but the are cloudy from the inside, I assume from the glue off-gassing. Any suggestions?

    Thank You fit your time,

    1. Hey Gabe, glad to hear the videos have been helpful. I would typically recommend using an epoxy product, 5 minute epoxy usually works fine, if you will be casting directly on the glue. CA glue will typically cause issues with Alumilite Clear. It can make it cloudy or white hazy if it hasn’t fully cured, but it also just doesn’t bond well to it for some reason. Moisture also causes issues, so make sure whatever else you are casting is bone dry or it can cause some issues. Best to heat things up to remove any surface moisture as well, that often gets overlooked

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