Firehose Micarta Hatchet Handle

I made a custom epoxy resin cast firehose handle for a hatchet, and it worked out pretty good! This was the first project I’ve made like this, and I managed to get through it without too many error induced design changes. In this video, I walk you through the steps I took to make the blank as well as the work involved in making it into a handle.

I considered trying to make the actual hatchet blade from scratch, but I decided to just buy a hatchet and replace the handle of it instead to save time. I figured I would have enough to figure out just making the handle, and I didn’t want the project to get delayed by my lack of metal working skills.

I found the hatchet on Amazon, and it wasn’t too expensive. It’s called an M48 Tactical Tomahawk, and it was just under $40 with my Prime membership. Here’s a link to it for anyone who wants to check it out:

The original handle that came with it was pretty uncomfortable, so the new firehose handle was a huge improvement. It’s easy to replace, you only need to pop off three bolts to remove it.

Overall the project wasn’t too difficult, and the handle turned out far better than I had expected. The shaping required a little bit of patience, but the whole project only took me a couple days to complete.


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