Fordite Bottle Stopper | Dunkin Junk Replay

Finally got the paint chips Carl Jacobson sent me cast in Alumilite! I was really happy with how this project turned out, really wanted to make something cool with those paint chips. In this replay of a Dunkin Junk live broadcast, I cast some paint chips in Alumilite Clear casting resin then turned it on the lathe.

I scuffed up the surface of the paint chips to help ensure a good bond between the Alumilite and the paint chips, and I had no problems at all with adhesion. It turned and polished up beautifully!

During the live streams, I go through the entire process of casting and turning with tips and tricks along the way. Tune in to the live streams Wednesday and Saturday 2-4 PM Pacific time.

Check out my resources page to see a list of tools, materials, and accessories I use for casting resins and turning: Tools and Equipment I Use

Big thank you to Carl Jacobson for sending me some paint chips to play with!! I really enjoyed casting and turning this blank, and I’m excited to make another project with the remaining chips! Check out Carl’s YouTube channel to see some really awesome turning projects that he makes, and he has quite a few videos using paint chips too!

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