Goldfish Cracker Wine Bottle Stopper

On the Live Stream, we cast some stabilized Goldfish crackers, and the bottle stopper actually turned out pretty good!! In this video I go through the casting steps and the turning of the bottle stopper blank.

To see the entire process, join the live streams on Wednesday 2-5 PM Pacific to see the resin casting portion and Saturday 2-5 PM Pacific to see the turning portion. The live audience gets to vote on the materials that will be dunked in resin as well as the colors and types of blanks. It’s a hoot! I turn the blanks made the previous week on the Saturday stream. During the live streams I share some great tips and tricks and explain the resin casting and turning process. At the end of the stream, I auction off the extra blanks we made. It’s a great way to grab some really unique and fun blanks! Head over to my Twitch channel and make sure to click the Follow button to be notified when I go live.


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