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How To Make Opaque Blanks With Clear Resin

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Here’s a Quick Tip to help you broaden the type of blanks you can make using clear resins such as Alumilite Clear, PR, or epoxy. Often times with enough Pearl Ex or mica powder you can get the blanks opaque, however you will also end up with shimmery blanks.

When you’re going for solid colors without the sparkle, dyes are the way to go. Check out the video to see how I do it. I use Alumilite dyes, and they work great with PR and epoxy as well as Alumilite powders.

I recommend buying Alumilite directly from the Alumilite website or from Curtis Seebeck at TurnTex.com. Curtis sells a handy size that’s not even available from Alumilite, it equates to approximately 1/2 gallon of Part A and 1/2 gallon of Part B.

Links to the resins I use:

Alumilite Website: Alumilite Clear | Alumilite White

TurnTex.com: Alumilite Clear | Alumilite White | Alumilite Dyes

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