How to Replace the Belt On A Nova Comet II Lathe

Changing the belt on your Nova Comet II Lathe is not too difficult and actually goes pretty quickly, but the process can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before. My hope is be showing you how I do it, you’ll be able to get it done in no time at all! As I mentioned in the video, DO NOT hit the spindle with a metal hammer or mallet directly, always use a block of wood in between. Also, never hit the side of the bearings or damage could occur.

Here is a link to replacement belts on Amazon: This is an affiliate link which tells Amazon that I referred you, and I get a small referral fee back from Amazon. It costs you nothing, and it helps support the show. Win – Win!

I also found PDF instructions that Nova recently released on changing the belt on a Nova Comet II Lathe. For the most part, the instructions are the same as how I do it except for one small difference. I tap the spindle completely out of both sides, whereas the Nova instructions only show you tapping out the inboard side bearing and fishing the belt out through the hole. I find it easier to just tap the spindle all the way out so it’s easier to remove and replace the belt without having to fish it through the hole.




6 thoughts on “How to Replace the Belt On A Nova Comet II Lathe”

  1. Thanks, you are about a year late to help me with my lathe, but great video. I also got to replace the bearings, so mine was a little more complicated. The only addition I would add to your video is to purchase a couple of extra grub screws. If you drop these I promise you will never see them again . . . LOL

  2. What does one do to keep the left bearing from pushing our when you tap the shaft from the left? These are press fit bearings from the factory. I’m currently stuck with a lathe that doesn’t work due to this very questionable design. Not made with the consumer in mind. Replacing a belt should not be a science project. Any pointer on how to press fit the left bearing back in?

    1. Hey Len, mine just stayed in place when I tapped it back in. If it came out, I would probably contact Nova tech support to see what they recommend so you don’t damage anything

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