Hybrid Bowl – Double Dyed Buckeye Burl Cast In Alumilite | Dunkin Junk Replay

This hybrid bowl is one of my favorite projects yet! I love how colorful it turned out, and the pearly resin is the perfect combination with the burl.

In this replay of Dunkin’ Junk! Live, I explain how I set up the casting mold using a plastic bowl and a pine plug in the middle. By using a bowl for the mold, you save a ton of wasted resin, and it makes turning faster. The pine plug has two jobs, to take up space in the middle of the casting to save resin and it serves as a mount. I got the idea to set up the casting this way from Brendan Stemp, a fabulous woodturner and educator. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for lots of great turning tips.

After the casting portion, I show the steps I took turning the bowl. I used a couple different tools to turn the bowl. I started out with a negative rake scraper to do the back side of the bowl. I enjoyed using that tool, and it was the first time I had tried using one. The shavings came off great, and I felt like I had great control over the cuts. To hog out the pine, I used a traditional bowl gouge, but switched to the Tommy G circle carbide tool to finish off the inside of the bowl. I tried the negative rake scraper on the inside, but found I got a better cut with the circle carbide tool. I think that was due to the larger radius of the negative rake scraper taking a larger cut than the carbide cutter.

If you’d like to see how I dyed the buckeye burl chunks, check out my video on Double Dye Stabilizing. These are some of the chunks that I made during that video.

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