Koa Wood and Resin Hybrid Turned Box

I cast some koa wood chunks in resin and made a lidded box out of it. I’m pretty stoked about this project! This is my first resin cast lidded box, and it turned out pretty good I think.

A couple notes about the project… I didn’t stabilize the koa, and it worked out fine but floated in the resin. I did fully dry out the wood before casting it though. I also wanted to explain why I was using denatured alcohol for wet sanding. Because the koa wood was not stabilized, I didn’t want to use water on it. Denatured alcohol dries quickly, and it works great for wet sanding when you have exposed wood or other organics in the resin.

I also want to thank Heath Knuckles for providing some inspiration for this project as well as some great turning tips. This project was heavily inspired by Heath’s “Cherries in the Snow” lidded box project, and his video greatly helped me understand the steps involved in turning a lidded box. Make sure to check out his video for another beautiful hybrid turned box project made with resin and wood.



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