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Making a Pen Out of EVA Foam

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After watching Punished Props make all kinds of amazing things out of EVA foam, I decide to dip my toes in the water and try to make a pen out of foam. Overall, it was a fun experiment even though I ran into a couple problems on it. It was a fun material to work with though, and I plan to try making some more fun things out of foam in the future.

Check out the Punished Props YouTube channel and their Twitch Channel to learn more about prop making and foamsmithing. If you want to learn how to make some awesome props and costumes with EVA foam, grab a copy of Foamsmith and Foamsmith 2.

Thank you to Bill and Britt for all the awesome videos and for being a great inspiration to so many people!

Tools and Materials Used in the Video

EVA Foam

Abranet Sandpaper

Filler Primer




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  • Mike DeRegnaucourt October 2, 2016, 6:04 AM

    Great video! I saw you lasered the EVA foam. Is that safe to laser? With the vinyl component in it, doesn’t that produced a corrosive gas when lasered? I know PVC is a no-no in the laser. It will severely corrode the inner componenets of the laser machine. So much so that it will void the warranty on our particular machine. Just some thoughts.

    • Zac Higgins October 2, 2016, 9:21 AM

      Hey thanks Mike! I’m not sure about that. I think PVC is a different animal than EVA, but you’d have to ask your laser manufacturer whether or not it will harm your laser. I didn’t see any noticeable problems with my machine after I did it.

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