Making the Colored Pencil Jar Blank

Setting up the casting for the colored pencil jar wasn’t too difficult, and once you make the jig you’re golden! This was an awesome project to create, and it was pretty fun to brainstorm how to suspend the pencils in the resin during the casting process. Overall, it wasn’t too difficult to make, and the best part is it’s reusable. This technique could be used for lots of projects where objects need to be suspended at a specific location in the mold.

I recommend using Alumilite Clear Slow Set resin for large volume blanks like this one. It is formulated specifically for large pours and won’t overheat and crack like most resins do. To save on the amount of resin used, I highly recommend including a center plug to take up the space in the center of the blank that will be hollowed out. Just make sure the plug is totally dried out or at least sealed before casting, otherwise the resin could react with the moisture and ruin the casting.

You can pick up the mixing cups at your local hardware store or online at Amazon. I purchase the smooth HDPE in sheets from Grainger online. It is also available on Amazon as well. Make sure to check out my “Tools I Use” page on my website for links to HDPE and many more tools, supplies and products I use.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video of this project being turned. Click on the photo to watch:

Colored pencils suspended in Alumilite resin and turned on the lathe into a cup

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