Mammoth Ivory Bud Vase

One of my favorite projects to date! I cast some 10,000 year old Mammoth Ivory in Alumilite resin and made a bud vase with the blank. Bud vases are great projects to embed objects in and leave mostly intact, so it was the perfect project for the mammoth ivory! Most of the material remained without being turned away into dust.

I dye stabilized some of the pieces of ivory, and they turned out pretty cool looking. I also left some of the ivory as is. The stabilizing didn’t seem to improve the material in any way, but it’s a great way to add some color.

If you would like to own this piece, it’s available for sale 


2 thoughts on “Mammoth Ivory Bud Vase”

    1. I was watching that drilling from the side and thought, I gotta get this in the video =D Yeah, I only have the standard forstner bits, for a bud vase though, I don’t think the hole needs to be very deep

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