Mounting Your Pressure Pot

I’ve found that mounting a pressure pot makes it much easier to use and far quicker to get the lid clamped down. When casting fast setting resins like Alumilite White with a 2 minute open time, every second I can shave off helps a ton!

Bracket feet like those found on the CA Technologies pots make mounting super easy with just a couple screws and washers. It really comes in handy when mounting a pot on it’s side as well.

I have found that having bracket feet on a pressure pot is a must-have feature for me. Although I swear by CA Technologies pots, you can find this feature on a couple other pressure pots on the market as well.

3 thoughts on “Mounting Your Pressure Pot”

  1. Let’s be at least a little bit honest, the brackets at the bottom were originally for casters, you are just utilizing them for a different purpose. Which also explains why the brackets are not flush with the bottom of the pot.

  2. It was in your original video post about setting up your new CA – pot, the casters were shipped inside the pot and you tossed them on camera while saying you didn’t need those, you did the same thing for the instructions too as I recall.
    Thanks for answering I was beginning to think this was a one-way communications channel.


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