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My Air Compressor & RapidAir Air Line System

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I’ve been asked quite often what air compressor I use in my shop, so I thought I’d walk you through our air system setup in the shop. It’s a bit overkill for many small shops, but it suits our needs well. The RapidAir piping kits are actually pretty reasonably priced for what they are, they work fabulous and are super easy to set up. We have a 3/4″ MaxLine pipe system, and the kit only cost around $170. They also offer a 1/2″ MaxLine kit that is around $150. For smaller garage shops, they also offer a RapidAir light duty air hose kit that is only about $75, not too shabby for a simple to setup air system!

As I mentioned in the video, I don’t have much experience with smaller air compressors myself. If I were to spend the money on a compressor though, I’d buy one that could be used for a wide variety of things in the shop like pumping up car tires, blowing things off at the lathe, and powering air tools in addition to filling up pressure pots. California Air Tools carries some ultra quiet compressors which would work great for a small shop. They have a 5.5 gallon Oil Free compressor that only hits 60 decibels and goes for around $140 on Amazon. It’s a pretty good price and will do anything you need it to. They also have some compact sizes, but they actually cost more than the 5.5 gallon model, which is another reason I would recommend that one.

I hope you enjoy checking out our system. I intended to show some clips of the setup for the MaxLine system, but I seemed to have lost the video footage I shot when we installed it a few years ago. If I can find the footage, I plan to make a video that shows more detail of the process.

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