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Nebula Pen Blanks

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The Nebula’s have launched!! I’m super excited about these blanks, just love how the colors shimmer and shine in them. The inspiration for the blanks came from the beautiful images from Hubble Space Telescope of distant galaxies and nebulas, and there’s a little influence from all the great space scenes in Star Trek too!! I’m a big astronomy nut, so I’m proud to have a space themed blank available now. Click below to add to your shopping cart:

I decided to do a video turning up one of these blanks for the launch of them since the shine can only be captured in video. I decided to turn a Jr. Anthony fountain pen in the video, and the components are black titanium and gold. As I mentioned in the video, it’s probably best to either paint the tube or inside of the blank black, or you can save the paint step and use the Black Nickel tubes that I get at Exotic Blanks.

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