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New Lathe… New Products

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My new lathe, the Comet II by Teknatool unboxed and set up

Well, it’s been a busy week or two. I finally got around to doing a business planning retreat last week, and it was long overdue. I sharpened my focus, set up schedules, and made a plan to reach for the goals I have before me. Unfortunately, I am still playing catch up and adjusting to a new schedule, plus I had a bout with allergies this week that pretty much rendered me useless for two and a half days. However, I have managed to knock out more work despite the adjustment and setbacks.

The other big news of the week is the addition of new machinery. Although the ShopSmith is a pretty neat and versatile tool, it definitely has some major limitations when it comes to wood turning. I finally reached the limits of what it could do, and it was time to get a true lathe to turn on. I had previously decided that when the time came, I would buy a larger model but the more I thought about it, a smaller model would actually work out better for the types of pieces I am doing. I decided to go with the Comet II by Teknatool. This is a “mini” lathe, but it’s a pretty robust little machine and perfect for the type of work I am currently doing.

I video taped unboxing and setting it up, and the video also includes an overview of the features of the lathe for anyone who’s interested in learning a bit more about it. As the title of this post indicates, I have also added some new products to my lineup that I had reserved until I had a more accurate machine to work on. In addition to turned pieces, I’m adding some other items that I came up with during the planning retreat. I’ll be posting the new items soon, so keep an eye out for the newest and coolest products I’ve designed yet!

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