Pressure Pot Lid Gasket Fix

After fighting with a lid gasket that kept falling out, I decided it was time to fix it! I had tried a couple quick fixes, none of which held the gasket in. So, I called up Finish Systems and figured out how to fix it the right way. This would also be the correct way to mount a replacement gasket if the original is worn out or damaged.

To keep the gasket affixed in the lid, the best product to use is either RTV Silicone or “Form A Gasket.” I went with Form A Gasket since we had some on hand. This is a really simple fix, but I wanted to share the specific product I used as well as show how I did it.

The first step is to remove the gasket completely and clean off any dirt/debris on the rubber as well as remove any old adhesive that was originally applied to it. I would also recommend cleaning out the channel that the gasket sits in to ensure that you get the best bond with the silicone adhesive.

I applied a thin layer of Form A Gasket covering the entire gasket. I then pressed the gasket into the channel in the lid. Once it was seated properly, I put the lid on the pressure pot and applied some pressure with the clamps. You’ll want to let it sit overnight clamped to the pot until the Form A Gasket cures.

So far, the gasket has stayed in place, and the pot works great again. I know how frustrating it is when the lid won’t go on the pot quickly, especially if you are using a fast setting resin like Alumilite White. It’s a pretty simple video, but my hope is it will save someone a lot of frustration and time trying to fix the problem. Maybe it will even save a casting or two from failing 🙂

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