Camo Honeycomb


Camo Honeycomb pen blanks, perfect for hunters!! Green, brown, and black with aluminum honeycomb embedded. Blanks measure approximately 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5″ See below for more details and a video showing the blanks up close. Price is for one blank.

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A camo swirls mix of green, brown, and black with strips of aluminum honeycomb dunked in. These blanks are great for armed services, hunters, or just camo lovers!

Made with 100% Alumilite, these blanks will turn like butter and shine up beautifully! These blanks measure approximately 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5″. There are 5 blanks available, price is for one blank. Check out the video below to see more details of the blanks.

I loaded these up with lots of mica powder, so they should be opaque, but I always recommend painting tubes just as an insurance policy so the tubes don’t show through. Take care when turning these, the honeycomb I use provides the best bond possible, but it is still a relatively weak bond. Light cuts and sharp tools will get you through. It’s not a bad idea to douse the blanks with thin CA glue before and during turning just to add a little insurance against any blowouts.




Dimensions .75 × .75 × 5 in

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