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Gator Jaw Pen Blanks


Real alligator jawbone cast in resin, sure to turn heads! Blanks measure 3/4″ square by 5″ long. See full description and video below.

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Pen blanks with genuine alligator jaw embedded in resin. These are the same blanks we cast during the live stream on YouTube. There are a few different styles to choose from. I made 2 with University of Florida blue and orange pearls, two are clear base resin with pearly and twilight effects, and there is one with the same color resin as the pen I made in my YouTube video (scroll down to watch the video of the pen I made with one of these blanks). Blanks measure 3/4″ square by 5″ long. Only 5 blanks in stock (two pics of each blank) prices are for one blank.


Check out the video of turning one of the blanks below


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Dimensions .75 × .75 × 5 in

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