Handmade Purple & Pearl Pasta Ink Pen


Purple Pasta Jr Duke Handmade Rollerball Pen

See accompanying video & description below.

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If you like your noodles Al Dente, this is perfect for you! AND Finally! Carbs that won’t go straight to your hips!


This pen is made with purple “colored” resin with white pearl powder and with tri colored rotini pasta mixed in while I was cooking, I mean casting the blank. Then I hand turned each section of this pen on a lathe to shape, then polish to a high gloss.


The pasta sections that are on the surface still have their texture, which is pretty cool. The noodles create an excellent pattern that looks like hieroglyphics or tribal art, and even fall leaves!


Of course the perfect gift for someone who truly loves their pasta dishes!


– Antique Brass components
– Purple colored resin with white pearl and real tri-color rotini pasta embedded
– Durable CA finish – toughest and longest lasting finish for pens
– Rollerball “Jr Duke Style” pen with postable cap


– Each pen comes in a window pen box, which not only protects the pen during shipping, it’s also the perfect presentation for gift giving!


To see Zac make this blank and then the pen, watch these videos!




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