“Mardi Gras Matrix” Antique Silver Fountain or Rollerball Pen


This 10 color Matrix pen was handcrafted live. The vivid colors and the mesh embedments make this a one of a kind collector’s item! Pen can be rollerball or fountain style, and the antique silver plating is both durable and stunning.

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The Mardi Gras Matrix Pen

This pen was handmade during my Dunkin Junk Live Stream on Twitch, and crafted from a 10 color Matrix blank that has mesh embedded in it. Pouring 10 different colors takes some preparation and speed!! The resulting blank, and ultimately the pen, turned out to be a true work of art.

The bright and vivid colors are reminiscent of Mardi Gras, and this pen will definitely grab the attention of any onlooker. This is a true collector’s pen, and it is made with the highest quality components. The antique silver is a wonderful finish that is extremely durable.

The nib of the pen can swapped between a fountain style nib or a rollerball, whichever style you like. Please leave a note during checkout to let me know which style best suits you. The fountain pen nib is Made In Germany, and it can be swapped with your favorite brand and style of nib and ink.

Included with all of my pens is a blue velvet drawstring pouch and a protective display box for protection during shipping and safe keeping.


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