Starlight Candy Cane Blanks


Real candy cane turning blanks with micro starlight glitter! 1.5″ diameter by 3″ tall. See description and video below for more info

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Real candy canes and micro starlight cast in resin!! These make awesome bottle stoppers, handles, or ornaments. Blanks measure 1.5″ diameter by approximately 3″ tall. These were made on livestream episode 115, see video below to watch them being made.

Care should be taken while turning, these are more delicate blanks than full acrylics.

  • light cuts
  • sharp tools
  • high speeds
  • requires a top coat finish to seal such as CA glue

Do not wet sand these blanks until you’ve put a top coat finish such as CA glue to seal the candy canes. Water will dissolve the candy. I also recommend using brass inserts rather than tapping threads into the blank directly. If you do not have inserts handy, drill a slightly oversize hole and fill with epoxy before tapping threads into the blank.

Price is per blank


Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in


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