“The Seahawk” Pen Blanks

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“The Seahawk” blanks are inspired by the Seattle Seahawks team colors. Show your team spirit with a custom made pen with your team colors!


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Navy Blue, Lime Green, and Gray Color Swirl

Each blank is 100% unique, but the colors remain constant due to the extensive testing and documentation of specific color recipes. Standard pen blank sizes are 5″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″, and prices are per blank.

The Alumilite Advantage!
Alumilite is by far the best resin I’ve found for casting pen blanks. It’s a joy to turn, yet it polishes up to a high gloss. Finishing these blanks doesn’t get any simpler! Just sand it up to a high grit or use micro mesh pads, then finish it off with some plastic polish or on a buffing wheel.

GOOD BYE CHIPOUT!! Alumilite blanks are not brittle like many of the mass produced or polyester resin blanks on the market. The blanks are cast under pressure to ensure there are no voids or trapped air bubbles in the blanks.

Dimensions 5 × .75 × .75 in

4 reviews for “The Seahawk” Pen Blanks

  1. Ralph Davis (verified owner)

    I found Zac’s company while searching the internet for pen blanks that contained the Seattle Seahawks team colors. I ordered two blanks initially having not done business with Zac before. The blanks are great! The colors are vibrant and bright and the mix of colors is great. The blanks were a dream to cut, drill, glue, and turn. I finished the first pen with CA glue and the final product is really amazing. I will be buying more blanks from Zac.

  2. Chris Oatley (verified owner)

    Wow, great color match for the Hawks! Thanks so much for the quick shipping.

  3. Jeff Parrott (verified owner)

    I found NW Woodwerks while searching for team color pen banks. I purchased five to make teachers pens for a friend who is a vice principal at a high school with the same colors as our Seattle Seahawks. I have turned two other comfort pens and am working on a Football pen from PennStateIndustries. I was surprised and pleased at the finish using a progression of regular sand paper, followed by 600 grit wet paper, then the Micro-Mesh series. Final coat was paste wax. These blanks are softer than normal acrylic blanks needing more sand paper as is loads up quickly. I also figured out to use a very light touch while sanding to final finish, rinsing the wet paper frequently. Chips needed to be cleared more frequently, also. Not a complaint, just an observation. I plan on getting more for the Huskies and Cougars in the family and making more pens to sell. It would be nice to provide a gallery of users projects on this site. I’d like to see what others are doing with these blanks.

  4. Joseph Stivala (verified owner)

    great blanks, great to turn and finish. lot of great reviews fron friends

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"The Ram" pen blanks inspired by the St. Louis Rams team colors, Blue and Gold, custom made with Alumilite resin by NV Woodwerks
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