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Toxic Lime Matrix™ Pen Blanks


Toxic Lime Matrix™ pen blanks are lime and green color swirl with mesh embedded in the casting. Watch out, you might glow after turning these!

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Toxic Lime Matrix™ Pen Blanks – Mesh Infused Lime Green & Silver

Each blank is 100% unique, but the colors remain constant due to the extensive testing and documentation of specific color recipes. Standard pen blank sizes are 5″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″, and prices are per blank.


Matrix™ pen blanks are mesh infused Alumilite blanks handmade by NV Woodwerks. The mesh adds serious pop in the final pen, a definite game changer for pen makers.


The Alumilite Advantage!
Alumilite is by far the best resin I’ve found for casting pen blanks. It’s a joy to turn, yet it polishes up to a high gloss. Finishing these blanks doesn’t get any simpler! Just sand it up to a high grit or use micro mesh pads, then finish it off with some plastic polish or on a buffing wheel.


GOOD BYE CHIPOUT!! Alumilite blanks are not brittle like many of the mass produced or polyester resin blanks on the market. The blanks are cast under pressure to ensure there are no voids or trapped air bubbles in the blanks.

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Dimensions 5 × .75 × .75 in

Green, Silver


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